Wireless Switch for Motor

The wireless switch be with remote controller be installed to rolling door, window blinds and track tailboard, one key control the motor forward and reverse.

Wireless Switch for Pump

The wireless switch be used on high power of water pump or outdoor automatic water down. Long distance control the machine start and over the work by the remote controller.

Wireless Switch for Lighting

The wireless switch be applied to shopping mall, mansion, school and park. One system for each branch.

Sensing Switch for Automatic ON/OFF

The sensing switch is power by infrared sensor. That is installed to corridor, wardrobe and toilet, fast and close sensing by human body.

Pairing and Unpairing

Pair: After power on, the signal LED flashing, when it off, press the learning button of receiver once, keep the signal LED on, then press the remote once, the signal LED off. Pairing code succeed.

Unpair: After power on, the signal LED flashing and off, then press and hold the learning button, the signal LED flashing three times. Unpair code succeed.

Tech Information

Kaige Electronics KGS-GSM-380-2 Remote Control Switch Manual GSM remote control switch is a very widely used wireless control device.This product can realize mobile phone remote control (Built-in an Internet of Things flow card),switches for various electrical appliances such as water pumps,lamps,motors, etc. 315Mhz RF remote control,and mobile phone can view the status of the device in real time,has the advantages of easy installation,simple use,safe and reliable.